Do you want to make the best of your life?


Do you want to make the best of your life? Do you want to accomplish your chosen goals? Do you want to live your life full of happiness, hope, and anticipation for a glorious future? Then you need confidence! You need bucket loads of confidence. If you lack confidence and the self-esteem that it builds your life will always be lacking.

To enjoy life you need the power and strength to make your own decisions and to bring those decisions into reality. Your reality! How can you express yourself freely and fully if you spend eight hours a day doing other peoples bidding? The simple answer is that you can’t!

In theory you were born a free person, yet in reality, from the moment of your birth you were a condemned prisoner of society. If you want to release yourself from society’s prison. If you want the power, freedom, and liberty to live the life that your heart desires, then you need to develop and harness all the confidence you can. Confidence is the fuel and the vehicle that drives you through life. Your life. Remember those two words. YOUR LIFE!

Despite the best efforts of the greatest minds, society will never be fair, just and equal. There will always be those that have, and those that have not. There will always be those that sit in the boxes at the theatre, almost touching the actors, and those sitting at the back trying to to see what is happening on stage . There will always be people who live on the top of the hill and the people they look down on.

So the BIG question is, “Where do you want to be?” If you’re happy to do other people’s bidding and think that is what makes a good life, then you are already a happy person. Or at least you think you are! But if you want to take control of your life and take the world by storm, then you need confidence. You need the strength, the power, the resolve, and the determination to set your mind on your chosen goals and to relentlessly pursue those goals with unshakable confidence.

Do you honestly think that famous billionaires like Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, or Warren Buffett made their billions by being shunted from pillar to post by other peoples wants and whims? Of course not – never! These people, and countless other successful individuals like them, focused their sights on their selected goals and never let anyone or anything deflect them from reaching their targets.

The one thing these people all have in common was unshakable confidence. While the Universe is driven by love, the world is undoubtedly driven by money, because money is power.

So if you want the power to obtain the true potential greatness you were born with. If you want your needs, desires, and commands carried out by other people, then you need confidence so strong that even a nuclear explosion won’t shift it.

Remember always, the life you’re living is not a test run. This is the real thing. Waiting until tomorrow is just a another excuse of a weak mind, and as we all know the weak fall by the road side while the strong drive by in luxury. By having personal strength and exercising the power that comes with it you can help the weak as you pass them by, but you will never truly help them by being one with them.

Develop total confidence in yourself, stand tall and be proud and the world will come to you and do your bidding. This is true greatness and this is your birth-right. Why except less when the Universe wants to give you everything?

You can start developing your confidence, your strength, your power, and your resolve right here and now! Starting right now you can begin to propel yourself to the next stage of your life. A new life filling with all that you need, want, and desire.

Confidence brings to you all that you desire in life and more. Picture yourself living in your new stately dream home full of all you ever dreamed of owning. See the cars you love lined up in your garage. Maybe you fancy owning a boat or a yacht. Feel what it might be like to own and fly you own personal jet. Imagine having all the money you need to help the ones you love and your family and friends when they turn to you in need. Imagine all this, and more money in the bank than you know what to do with.

Whatever you think you want at the moment is not enough. Because at the moment you’re still thinking with a mind that is conditioned by society’s demands upon you. Once you start opening your mind with this self-hypnosis recording your true desires will start to emerge as you release yourself from the mental shackles and restraints that conventional society thinking has bound you with.

Stop having sand kicked in your face at the beach, by owning the beach, and having it all to yourself! Why settle for less?

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